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The Story

Angel Ruby is a quirky, amusing, earthy angel who lives in the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness and has changed the name of Planet Earth, into Earthic-Us because it is about US. Ever since they threw out the Golden Rule on Planet Earth trouble is everywhere, which causes her great concern.

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The Video

Oliviana changes her show to “Sing a Happy Song”. They devise a plan to change Earthic-US into a happier place by throwing out trouble by singing a happy song.

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The Creator

Lean more about Pauline and her vision for Earthic-US. Pauline is an informal Values Educator with a background in interactive performance...

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The Team

Learn more about the Earthic-US cast and crew and their passion for values education.

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An Interactive, Fun, Quirky, Values Story, with Songs Video


The Video

Watch the Earthic-US We Care Trailer. Earthic-US We Care is the first in a series of interactive informal values educational videos designed to be used in conjunction with existing Values Education programs.


About Us

Pauline Lovitt is an informal Values Educator with a background in interactive performance, drama and singing teaching and has worked with...


Talk to Us

Join the conversation. Visit our blog and learn more about Pauline’s academic research in using Interactive Performance with an Affirmative and Values based approach as a means of teaching values.


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Earthic-US We Care! - Interactive Values Education