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The “Earthic-US We Care” script and songs has been created and written by Pauline Lovitt.

Pauline is an informal Values Educator with a background in interactive performance, children’s  and youth librarianship, drama and singing teaching and has worked with prisoners, asylum seekers, homeless people, long term unemployed, state wards and adult survivors of child abuse.

Pauline’s academic research interest is about using Interactive Performance with an Affirmative and Values based approach as a means of teaching values.

She is currently a Masters Philosophy Research Student, (2009-), at Newcastle University Faculty of Education  working towards a PhD.

The thesis title is:   “Living Life as an Interactive Values Based Performer”. The study is focusing on 5 Case Studies of existing Values Programs being facilitated in school and community contexts to ascertain how the programs are incorporating  affirmative and values based content in drama, song and story telling as part of these programs.


  • M Ed Hons (University Technology Sydney) - 2009
  • Thesis: “Reintegrating the Stories: the Impact of Interactive Performance Using an Affirmative Values Based Approach
  • M Adult Ed (University Technology Sydney) - 2002
  • Licentiate Drama (Education in Dance and Theatre Arts) - 1998
  • Associate Diploma Librarianship (Australian Libraries and Information Association) - 1980
  • Associate Speech, Drama (Australian Music Examinations Board) – 1980

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