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Earthic-US We Care

An Interactive Video for Children
with a Fun and Quirky Values Story & Songs

Angel Ruby is a quirky, amusing, earthy angel who lives in the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness and has changed the name of Planet Earth, into Earthic-Us because it is about US.

Ever since they threw out the Golden Rule on Planet Earth trouble is everywhere, which causes her great concern.

She appears to Oliviana, an interactive performer who is worried about the children who are the future of Planet Earth, telling her to get rid of her unhappy songs because she is making people feel depressed.

Oliviana agrees and changes her show to “Sing a Happy Song”.

They devise a plan to change Earthic-US into a happier place by throwing out trouble by singing a happy song.

Sing a happy song is about working on being loving, caring and sharing not just some of the time but all of the time which is the basis of the Golden Rule.

Oliviana introduces Angel Ruby to some fun, crowd pleasing, interactive performers she meets who are already singing a happy song on Earthic-US to make it a better place.

They are Bella who has the “Always Be Happy Show”, Alfie who is a doctor and a clown called “Dr.Always Be Happy” and “Verity Vitality”, who has the Golden Rule Show”.

They are excited to be involved in the plan to teach the children to sing a happy song because they are the future of Earthic-US.

They rehearse with Angel Ruby in preparation for a training session in the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness with children who participate in Oliviana’s new show Earthic-Us Sings a Happy Song.

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