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Story Structure

Earthic-US We Care is the first in a series of interactive informal values educational DVDs, designed to be used in conjunction with existing Values Education programs.

It promotes the practice of values of caring and sharing of self, others and the environment by focusing on the Golden Rule, which is about treating people how you would like them to treat you. It is designed for schools, family and community contexts in order to assist in the development of caring communities.The script incorporates the values stated in the National Framework for Values in Australian Schools (2005) and through the work of Dr. Tim Hawkes an international Values Educator. |

Scene 1 - Angel Ruby Meets Oliviana

Angel Ruby appears to Oliviana an interactive performer and tells her to get rid of her unhappy songs because they are making people feel depressed. She has changed the name of Planet Earth to Earthic-US. Oliviana decides to change her show “Broken Pieces” to “Earthic-US Sings a Happy Song.”

Scene 2 - Oliviana Changes Her Show

Angel Ruby appears to Oliviana who is practicing for her new show “Earthic-US Sings a Happy Song”. She is taking the show to the schools because the children are the future of Earthic-Us.  Angel Ruby is impressed with the changes she has made.

Oliviana sings Angel Ruby her new song “It’s and Awesome, Sunshine Feel Good Day”. Angel Ruby is agitated about the way people are treating each other on Earthic-Us.

Ever since they threw out the Golden Rule trouble has been everywhere. Oliviana agrees and thinks something must be done for once and for all to change Earthic-Us into a better place.

Scene 3 - The Plan to Change Earthic-Us into a Happy Place

Angel Ruby appears to Oliviana who is very excited about some interactive performers she has met who are already singing a Happy Song on Erthicus to make it a better place. Oliviana sings another song to Angel Ruby called “We All Sing a Different Song”.

Angel Ruby puts on her thinking cap and hatches an exciting plan with Oliviana, to invite these interactive performers to come to the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness to teach the children on Earthic-US to Sing a Happy Song.

Oliviana’s job is to be the go between to bring the children who come to see her show for a visit to the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness.

Scene 4 – The Rehearsal and Planning Meeting

Oliviana has organised for the interactive performers to meet Angel Ruby for a rehearsal for the performance in the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness.

Angle Ruby is overjoyed to meet them and makes up a chant “Earthic-US We Care Yeah!” which the children have to say so she knows they are ready to come to the Kingdom of Radiant happiness.

Oliviana and the performers sing her their new song “The Throw Away Trouble Song”.  .

Angel Ruby has written a fun practice script which she gives the performers. It tells a little about their stories and the content which could be in the performance for the children when they come to the Kingdom of Radiant Happiness.

They rehearse using their scripts. They are all amazed that they knew so much about them without having met them first. She disappears again after organising to meet them at the same time next week for another rehearsal

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